Introduction to Keyakidai

Woodytown is a planned development, or “newtown,” of 600ha and a population goal of 48,000. It is divided into four areas, Suzukakedai, Yurinokidai, Akashiadai, and Keyakidai, with Century Park at its center.


Keyakidai is located just east of the Koen Toshi Line, between the Woodytown Chuo and Minami Woodytown stations of Kobe Railway. This is also along the Sanda Main Way that connects Sanda and Kobe. Within Keyakidai are: Century Park, which is at the center of city functions and events, Sanda Municipal Hospital, which handles emergencies and is known for its high medical care, and Chuo Koen (Central Park), the largest park in Woodytown.


In November of 2000, a large scale shopping mall, which includes a multi-complex amusement center, was opened. As a result, shopping for daily goods is within walking distance for most residents of Keyakidai.


Also in 2000, a large hotel with excellent views of the park was built. The hotel was designed with the ideals of Keyakidai and its residents in mind and, therefore, it has come to be used widely for business and leisure.


Keyakidai educational facilities include a nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, and a junior high school. There is a high school in a neighboring area of Woodytown and the neighboring areas of Sanda, including Flowertown. In addition, the neighboring area of Culturetown is home to the campus of a university, a place where learning can continue for all.


Our town has received attention for its progressive development inline with the 21st Century.